The Toronto Optimists' Photo Gallery

Photos of the Toronto Optimists, the Seneca Optimists, the Optimists Alumni and many others!

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Ray Roussel and Vern Johansson (Christmas party, 2005)632 views12/14/05 pm31 17:56FR: Hey ! are these guys twins????
Toronto Optimists, El Cid trio: Jeff Shimo, Joe Gianna and Jack Roberts (1963)994 views12/06/05 pm31 21:39Anon: THE WEDGE, we had it first!!!!!!!!! Sac had their ...
Brothers in the Optimists (1967)996 views11/30/05 pm30 23:00Anon: Actually, the " Brother Connection"
Part of an article from the August 20, 1978 issue of "The City", published by Toronto Star593 views11/28/05 am30 06:51Anon: IT NICE SEE MY WORK ON SENCIA OPTIMST I HOPE EVERY...
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