Early Rehearsal Reports

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1 Vern Johansson's "A Beautiful Noise" -- observations on the first rehearsal of the Optimists Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps.
2 Ted Wilson's "Making My Family Happy" and "Up From The Basement" -- a former first soprano player now reincarnated as a contra bass player comments on the aftermath of the second rehearsal.
3 Ted Wilson, contra bass keen machine, recounts more adventures in the art of carrying around a huge pile of musical metal in "Up From The Basement -- Volume Two".
4 Ted Wilson waxes enthusiastic over the return of Paul Thompson on contra and the overall improvement of the alumni corps in "Up From The Basement -- Volume Three".
5 Brass instructor Kevin Matthew adds his comments on the progress of the alumni corps in Common Goals and Greatness.
6 Newly-returned tenor drummer Gord Lefevre emails in his delightful Sucked In Like A May Fly -- an entertaining and inspirational account of his return to the corps.
7 Tenor drummer Gord Lefevre writes about our mini-camp weekend in We're A Drum Corps -- another of his entertaining musings on the corps and its progress.
8 Ted Wilson adds his spirited two cents on the mini-camp weekend in Notes From The Back Of The Pickup Truck.
9 Gord Lefevre adds to his growing inspirational writings in Post-GAS Ponderings -- reflections on the May 1, 2004, GAS performance in Hamilton, Ontario.
10 Another entertaining word romp from tenor drummer Gord Lefevre with I Love A Parade -- thoughts on the July 1st Canada Day Parade in Cambridge, Ontario
11 Gord Lefevre shares his thoughts about our last in-door show in Waterford Show Ponderings.
12 Brian Hogan provides educational and thought-provoking comments on Corps songs in More Than Just a Song.
13 Brian Hogan pays tribute to Ben Burrage of the Toronto Optimists in Tribute To a Humble Genius. This article also was featured on DCI's website under the "FANFARE" section under Michael Boo's byline.
14 Bill Kane pens a few initial impressions on the Alumni corps first tentative steps into M&M in The Thrill of Drill.