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Photos of the Toronto Optimists, the Seneca Optimists, the Optimists Alumni and many others!

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Optimists corps members from 1962 (at the 1998 reunion picnic)621 views10/10/22 am31 06:27mel dey: Back row: ? beside Mr. Rood looks like Chuck Clu...
Lorraine Blue, Cardinals (1977)534 views09/13/22 am30 09:56Lorraine Blue: Thanks Paula Razz
Faulene Porter on rifle and Lorraine Blue on xylophone, Cardinals (1977)401 views09/13/22 am30 09:55Lorraine Blue: Lorraine Blue on xylophone
Gary Shuller, Cardinals (1977)430 views09/13/22 am30 09:54Lorraine Blue: This is Gary Shuller
Optimists Alumni (Sudbury, 2013)108 views07/01/22 am31 02:10Bob Carell: It was raining so we went into the stands with the...
Canada's Marching Ambassadors (about 1964)3836 views03/16/22 pm31 19:29David Partridge: No "technically" about this: Canada'...
Members of the 1963 Toronto Optimists (Reunion 2008)188 views03/02/22 am31 02:29Bob Carell: L-R (Back): Fred Lombard, Ron Kaiser, John Shearer...
Hyliters (Birchmount Stadium, Scarborough, 1977)32 views02/23/22 am28 08:40Bob Carell: Glenda Roblin is the front rifle
L to R: Jim Patten, Warren Mills, Mr. Al Baggs, Corps Director, on the bus (Falconer, 1960)26 views02/19/22 am28 03:23JDM: L to R Jim Patton, Warren Mills, Mr. Al Baggs, Cor...
Toronto Optimist Honour Guard (Vern Johansson's wedding, April 11, 1970)186 views02/10/22 am28 09:09Bob Carell: In the wedding party you can see Ron Cooper, Bob B...
L to R: Ed Nanni, Frank McKittrick, Alex Glover, Brian Williams, Warren Mills, Doug MacKenzie, Toronto Optimists (Christmas Party, 1960)27 views02/08/22 pm28 21:42JDM: L to R: Ed Nanni, Frank McKittrick,(sp), Alex Glov...
Preston Scout House (Dream, 1960)30 views01/20/22 am31 07:11Bob Carell: You can also see St Vinnie's, Audubon, Selden...
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